What do we do?

Crumbs of Keynsham is an independent cake and coffee shop with a focus on quality, consistency and excellent customer service. We operate as a cafe while also offering pre-order celebration cakes, nationwide postal brownies, deilvery via Uber Eats and wholesale cake supply to local venues.

Almond Cookies


Our cakes are baked on site using high quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Our counter offering is updated regularly as we adapt our menu to the changing seasons and develop new creations and flavours. Items are typically priced at £3-3.50.

We do have vegan options available which we source from the excellent Bath-based Wild Flour. 

Unfortunately we no longer offer Gluten Free options as based on our experience there is not sufficient local demand in the area. 

If you would like to order a celebration cake please visit our online store for availability and pricing.



Our coffee is sourced from a range of the finest UK roasters, many of which we are proud to say are based in the South West. At anytime we will have 3 different coffees available for you to try; Espresso #1 is typically well-rounded, easy-drinking, with low acidity, Espresso #2 is something a bit more adventurous, and Espresso #3 is our decaf option.  These coffees are then updated on a monthly basis. Please speak to our Barista if you have any questions!

We grind your coffee on one of our super-precise Anfim Practica grinders and brew it on our beloved Conti CC202 Espresso machine. We monitor dose, extraction times and yields periodically throughout service to ensure you get a well balanced, delicious drink highlighting the particular notes of your chosen coffee.


For milk based drinks we steam our milk to 65-67 degrees celsius. If you prefer your coffee extra hot just let us know! We use unhomogenised milk sourced from the fantastic Bruton Dairy. We also offer , Oat, Almond and Coconut milk alternatives at no extra cost.

Wedding Cake


You can currently find a selection of our cakes at Flourish Food Hall & Restaurant in Saltford. If you are interested in finding out more about our wholesale offering for your own venue please contact


Venue Hire

Our picture perfect venue is available to hire on Sundays for small celebrations. Venue hire is £30 ph and max capacity is 16 people. We also offer a range of brownies, cakes and cream teas along with an option for your own personal barista! For queries please contact